Dental Services

We provide services from the domain of general dentistry:

  • Dental status
  • Periodontal status
  • Removing soft and hard dental deposits
  • Conservative tooth treatment:
    • Teeth sealing with modern composite systems and glassionomer cements of the latest generations,
    • Endodontic treatment of teeth: treatment of the root canal manually and by use of machine instruments,
    • Treatment of children teeth – all ages
  • Aesthetic and restorative dentistry:
    • Composite facets
    • Fiber-glass stakes and composite upgrades
  • Cosmetic dentistry:
    • Professional teeth whitening
    • Stripping – teeth remodeling
    • Retainers – protectors
  • Routine tooth extraction

Dental Prosthetics:

  • Non-metallic ceramics
  • Metal ceramics
  • Facets (ceramic and composite)
  • Manufacture of acrylic dentures – classic partial and total dentures
  • Manufacture of hybrid prostheses-supradental dentures, implant supplements on total prostheses, fixed on implants
  • Repair of broken dentures
  • Production of inlay, on lay, overlay (ceramic and composite)
  • Reinforcement of devitalized teeth (glass fibers, molded upgrades, zirconium-upgrades)
  • Inlay bridges
  • Maryland bridges