Dental Tourism

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During the past ten years, globalization has changed our lives.
The need to look fit and healthy takes us to the places where we can get the maximum for our money. Thus, health tourism has become a normal phenomenon.

The combination of medicine and tourism is a relatively new type of tourism that records high rates of growth, and now the value of the health tourism market is over 100 billion dollars. Today, 5% of all international journeys are related to medical tourism.

In the structure of the current total medical tourism turnover, 40% are left for dental services, 42% for orthopedics, cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, and 15% for aesthetic surgery.

Due to the increasing interest of our patients living outside Novi Sad, our clinic provides additional benefits. Come and solve your dental problems, we will find you an adequate accommodation (hotel, hostel). We will show you our wonderful city, well-known for nightlife and recommend you places to go out.

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